Toenail Reconstruction

Do you have damaged nails? a problem with a fungal toenail? or no nail at all? Then toenail reconstruction could be just the thing you need to help you achieve a more natural looking toenail.

Nail Conditions toenail reconstruction is suitable for include:

  • Mycosis - Not a cure but will cover discolouration and creates a seal over the nail reducing spreading of mycosis to other nails.
  • Damaged nails - covers discolouration
                              - can be used to make a prosthetic nail if there is only a small amount of nail
                              - can fill in gaps for a more normal nail shape
  • Thickened nails - covers the nail after it has been reduced providing a seal to reduce chance of mycosis.
  • No nail - can be used to make a prosthetic nail, because there is no nail to adhere to its only likely to last a few days, but is good for special occasions.

There are a few different products around for toenail reconstruction. These are the two that Gemma is trained in and uses.

Wilde Pedique