What to expect from a Podiatry appointment


The Podiatrist will use the information provided by the client to investigate the problem areas. A thorough examination of each foot allows the podiatrist to design a treatment plan, that aims to address the root cause of the issue and not just treat the symptoms.


Some problems can be solved with one treatment depending on the issue and its cause. Other problems may need continued treatment over a prolonged period. If the Podiatrist feels the problem is out of her scope of practice she will refer on to another Healthcare professional for further investigation and treatment. There is usually things the client can do themselves to prevent re-occurrences of the issue or prolong the period between treatments. Some issues will need regular maintenance.

Education and Advice

A full explanation of the problem and possible causes will be provided to the client. Usually the cause is obvious but on occasion there may be a number of possible causes for the issue, in which case the podiatrist will provide the client with the information needed to investigate further to find the solution.

Lots of issues can be caused by footwear, so it is very important that footwear fits correctly and is worn appropriately.