Foot Health

What is a Foot Health Professional?

A Foot Health Professional’s (FHP's) primary role is to help people with their foot problems, not just by using treatments but also giving advice on the type of shoes and hosiery they should wear to keep their feet in a healthy condition. FHP's are trained to treat a number of specific foot issues, these also include the elderly, patients with diabetes and those with peripheral neuropathies.

The main areas FHP's deal with are cutting and thinning nails as well as the treatment of minor ingrowing toe nails. Fungal nail infection can also be maintained and treated. As well as toe nails FHP's are trained on how to remove callus (hard skin), how to remove corns and how verrucae can be reduced and treated. They can also perform a neuro-vasular assessment of the foot and construct pads to deflect pressure away from sensitive areas. Often these treatments are not a one off and require a management plan with follow up care as necessary.