Lacuna Method

The Lacuna Methodâ„¢ is a treatment for fungal nails that involves drilling micro-holes painlessly into the damaged nails.

This allows an anti-fungal agent to directly reach the infected skin under the nail directly. The patient can then continued to apply the anti-fungal medication once a day, allowing the nail to grow out healthily.

The Lacuna method was created by Nicola O'Brian. Nicola is a Podiatrist who gained her BSc Hons Podiatry from Brighton University in 2001. For the last 18yrs has specialised in Cosmetic Podiatry and has a special interest in Dermatology & Rheumatology. Her interest in Cosmetics meant that she was treating a large proportion of patients with fungal nail pathologies. Therefore she wanted to develop a way of treating the Fungal Nails and not just disguise them.