Cosmetic Podiatry

Add a bit of sparkle to your general podiatry treatment, by upgrading it to a medi-pedi, making your feet look pretty as well as feeling more comfortable .A medi-pedi is all the benefits of your podiatry treatment with a little added extra, Calgel gel polish or Drs Remedy nail polish are available to add on to your podiatry appointment, alternatively you can bring your own nail polish from home.

Medi-Pedi - Podiatry treatment plus Calgel gel polish or Drs remedy nail polish.

Do you have damaged or discoloured nails? no nail at all? Then Toenail Reconstruction could help to give you a more natural looking toenail.

Nail Conditions toenail reconstruction is suitable for include:

  • Mycosis - Not a cure but will cover discolouration and creates a seal over the nail reducing spreading of mycosis to other nails.
  • Damaged nails - covers discolouration                           
    - can be used to make a prosthetic nail if there is only a small amount of nail                            - - can fill in gaps for a more normal nail shape
  • Thickened nails - covers the nail after it has been reduced providing a seal to reduce chance of mycosis.
  • No nail - can be used to make a prosthetic nail, because there is no nail to adhere to its only likely to last a few days, but is good for special occasions.